staff picEach week our clients face a myriad of challenges from recruiting staff and financing bank loans to implementing computer upgrades.

Being a small business ourselves, we know just how much time these matters take up.

One of the keys to ensuring small business success is seeking the right advice and being ready for change. Recognising potential changes, both internal and external, and how they will affect your business, will minimise negative impacts on your small business. 

Some of the areas we can work with you on include: 

  • Drafting a 12 month cashflow forecast and presenting it to your business banking manager to secure new equipment financing,
  • Explaining how personal leave, annual leave, unpaid leave and long service leave interact under the Fair Work Act,
  • Doing a due diligence on a new business opportunity,
  • Working with your solicitor to negotiate a new commercial property lease,
  • Checking your cashflow calculations on a proposed rental property investment.

We work with you to assess each of these matters in relation to your specific circumstances and with a integrated view of your entire business.

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