William Ford


William completed high school in Zimbabwe and completed university in South Africa including a Bachelor of Business from University of Natal. After completing his three year auditing articles with Deloitte in Durban, South Africa William worked in junior management in the corporate sector in Johannesburg and then spent three years London on a variety of short-term projects including Y2K integrity and the introduction of the Euro. With the ‘dot.com’ boom generating opportunities, he took a role as Financial Controller at an Internet startup and thereafter spent 18 months in back office fund management in the Channel Islands. After meeting his now wife William relocated to her home town of Alstonville in Australia, and in 2005 chose employment at Blackburn Prior for its culture and potential, becoming a director of the firm in 2007.

William is grateful for the instruction on systems and planning that his early time at Deloittes gave him, and the variety of later experiences provided a grounding for converting business ideas into viable business ventures. He is very aware of the competitive edge that good systems give to the ‘big end of town’, and believes deeply in explaining these advantages to small businesses. He works at ensuring that family owned businesses have something to show for all of their work, that they protect and reinvest what they make, and that they are prepared for the opportunity and disruption of the Internet, the efficiency of the big corporates, and the competitive pressures of outsourcing.

William grows trees on his acreage, and is always up for a conversation about the dynamics between countries and communities. He follows rugby union, golf and football. In his time away from the office William can be found with family, coaching junior soccer and touch football teams, or near a stream, river or ocean to compensate for the years spent in a dry landlocked country.

Words to live by: Nothing stays the same, so keep watching the horizon and make whatever changes you need to.

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