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Why should I consider Blackburn ' Prior?

Your accountant should be one of the people you can call when you have a key business or investment decision to make. They should offer options and solutions that can help you improve your bottom line and save you time.

We understand that if we can’t create value for your business you won’t like paying our fees. We want to work with you and for you to think of us when you have business problems that need solving.

Switching to Blackburn ' Prior is EASY!

There is a misconception that it is hard to switch accountants. Business owners often put up with being frustrated by their accountant and think that their affairs are too complex and difficult to hand over to another professional. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Changing accountants is a simple two-step process:

1. Choose your new accountant

2. Your new accountant sends a clearance letter to your former accountant and arranges for your records to be transferred to them.

There may be a few questions they need to ask as they get a feel for your business or personal situation, however most of the key issues will be picked up on initial review of your files. EASY!